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I have always had a fascination and deep want to surround myself with beauty.  It started as a child watching my mother get dressed up and accessorizing which led to a natural love of adorned spaces and an obsession to learn more about design through history.  To put it simply, to me life is much too short to not surround yourself with what you see as beautiful everyday and in every way.

My favorite things in life are my family and close friends, unique and upbeat characters, delicious food, good wine, all things southern, unexpected trips, a great pair of boots, fantastic adornments and great music.  I am a Florida native with a Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design.  I am a city girl who fell in love with a farm boy.  My husband and I along with our 4 children (Jackson, Tyler Faye, Heston and McClaine) and our two springer spaniels all reside on our farm here in central Florida.  My “unexpected” life on the farm has created a passion for cozy country living and all things the South stands for.  I get to see the natural beauty of farming the land on a daily basis which fuels my deep love and appreciation for His creation.  I feel blessed everyday to be a wife, mother to four and that I get to live this adventure!